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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Deciding on a pattern.

Creating this cell phone bag gives me so much to think about. When I am making something for someone, I like to get to know a bit about them, so what I create will mean something.

The first panel, shared in yesterday's post, is complete and cut from the loom. All of the warps are gone as well. (I am so very pleased my techniques of ridding warps works this well!!!) It didn't take but maybe 10 minutes to eliminate 68 warps on the top and bottom of this panel. The under side is very clean, as this will be inside of the cell phone bag. I won't line it, because I love the feel of beads without lining.

RR of GMA is who I am creating this bag. This first side is a picture found of her playing basket ball, during her college years. I wanted the second side to be just as memorable, but didn't know exactly what to create. Today, I decided on a subject! I will be creating a montage of sorts, to include many pieces of the same idea. Here is the first few rows competed.

I ordered something off line, which I will use as an adornment and ties in perfectly with this 'montage theme'. I'll explain further when I can share a picture of this panel completed a bit more!

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