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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

New additions to the Lotus SLN

I am so pleased with how well my newly discovered techniques and my 'mind's eye' are working so well together! Each part, or petal and leaf, are edged with 11/0 Toho Silver Permanent Finish Glass Beads. Before being secured in to place, I sew a 6/0 Toho Silver Perm Glass Bead to the back so I can keep the proper depth of field for each addition.

There is so much more I will be creating, using new ideas, for this necklace. Completing the total look of the Lotus is only my first goal. I'll be working on some unique ideas for the upper portion of each strap side. The warp weights are still sitting patiently until I can start the straps! I have also been drawing out a finish for below the Lotus. However, I'll think on that one a bit more!

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