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Monday, August 23, 2010

Composing the parts for the Cell Phone Bag

I have loomed a bit more on the opposite panel, of the Cell Phone Bag I am creating to take along on my NY trip to GMA. I'd like to loom a few more rows before I share this panel with you.

Let me show you my selection of 'accent beads' I picked out, which will be used for parts of the strap and the fringe.

The colors of the beads above, will match either side of the cell phone, depending on which side out it's worn. I may not be using all of the beads pictured, but I will more then likely use some of each you see.

I'll also add some beaded bead tubes to the strap, by beading tubes to match the colors as well. These aways lend themselves to carrying over the 'seed bead' medium, as opposed to just using larger beads or gems.

My thoughts are to pick up the grays, browns, blacks and blues. Notice the 'light copper' color Permanent Toho Metallic Beads. This will help to tie in the 'medal I will be bezeling and attaching to the panel I am looming right.

At first thought, I was going to graph/pattern a picture of RR, sitting at the GMA desk. Thinking more I decided against that pattern idea because I asked my self, "who would want to wear something with there picture, front and center." Not Me! I opted to create a more special feel. Since the first side of the panel is RR during her College Basket Ball Days, I created the other panel of something also dear to her heart, her Dad. He was a pilot with the 'Tuskegee Airmen'. She talked about this publicly many times. Here is a picture of an Airman's medal, all pilots received.

This will be bead bezeled and attached to the panel I am looming right now. This is the reason I used the 'light copper' accents on the strap and in my beaded bead tubes. I'll also add an ever-so-small splash of the same Permanent Copper Metallic Toho Bead to the fringe.

All of the parts, I am sharing here, were compiled in between the looming of the panels. This production type beading really helps me to finish a project much sooner then expected. This way, it gets exciting to put all the parts together, which it's time!

Above all, I am very pleased to have found a way to loom cell phone bags, without the muss of 'dealing with the warps'!

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