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Friday, December 16, 2011

Adding a free form leaf design

In the large black area, I continued to loom below the Gerber Daisy head, I will add a 'free form' symbolic leaf. This leaf will hold the fringes I am adding. But first, let me share how I added this design aspect.

In the picture above, you can see how I first strung 11/0 Japanese Seed beads on to a line of 12 lb Wildfire thread, in green. The strung section was roughly attached to my looming using the bead stops.

A new piece of thread, 10 lb green Wildfire, was threaded and followed inside the same pre-strung beads to attach the entire leaf section. A bead was added, during my second pass with the 10 lb Wildfire, to make the turn or a point of the leaf.

The thickness of the two threads helped to keep the green bead
shaped into the leaf design.

Below you can see I am also adding more 11/0 seed beads to create a double line, which will also be holding the fringes I'll add. Fringes are usually hung from the very edge, but this time, I am planning to start the fringes in the center of the looming. These beads will be that starting point.

Notice in both pictures, up and below, how I am using the 'warp' threads to secure all of my 3D accents. This is not only more secure, but I will not break any beads, should I need to make many passes to complete. When finished, you won't see any threads on the back of the loomed cuff base.

This is as far as I will add an accent. The fringes will be spaced wide apart, when attached, so you will still be able to see the Tex 400 cords used for warping.

Usually, I bead edge every cuff, but this time, I am only going to bead edge one side of this cuff. The edge, where the leaf design extends, will not be edged with beads. The C-Lon Tex 400 Cord, warped on that outer edge, is sufficient to create a finished edge. If I were adding a bead edge, I would have added it before I created the symbolic leaf design.


  1. Can't wait to see how you proceed with the leaf accent. Really beautiful.

  2. I am always in awe of your work and your designs...just amazing!!! Love seeing the progress on this piece!!!

  3. Such beautiful work! Am curious about the small metal coil that is pictured in the 1st and 4th photo. Does it help to temporarily adjust tension on parts of the piece? ...hope you will address in a future update ;)

  4. The beauty that you create using one of the oldest craft concepts is phenomenal. Reading your blog is like having Christmas every time you post. Thank you.

  5. Thank you everyone!
    Lisa, what you are referring to ate "bead stops". They are easily purchased from bead suppliers and are inexpensive. Here I am using them to hold my thread to the warps in the similar area I will be attaching them. They also help to keep the beads from falling off the thread. Later, I will share a technique I do which helps to hold the warps in small groups. I'll wait as not to scare anyone one off :)

  6. Hi CryssT! I love reading your thoughts and feed back. It truly helps to give me the drive to post. Much like any one, who have been practicing their craft for many years, I'm never sure if I am posting something new or not.