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Monday, December 5, 2011

More about weft color selection & Delicas

During the planning process, of looming bright colors using C-Lon Tex 400, I had to make a weft color decision, that truly makes a difference. I have always suggested using 'just' white weft threads. They won't show between the rows and offer the bead color selections a chance to really shine.

Using The thick cords, not only adds to the over all width of the looming, (keep this in mind for the type of clasp you will be measuring to add), but also makes your weft thread color evident. In the picture below, you can see the 'green wefts' crossing over each if the Tex 400 warps.

I could have selected using black, which would definitely tie into the over look, but I wanted to continue the 'wild' or 'unorthodox' feeling these threads and this design offer. Now you can see the green wefts crossing over and it doesn't give you a feeling of being out of place at all.

Also, my bead finish choices played a part in the weft color selection. I decided to use only opaque finish beads. This way, no matter what color weft I chose, it didn't effect the true bead color I want to keep. [Link from a previous post regarding the weft color choice.] Remember to keep these points in mind, when you plan out, looming with C-Lon Tex 400.

You'll also notice a difference in how you run your needle back through the looming row. The Tex 400 forces the beads to hang 'below' the thick threads. If you feel you have a hard time pushing the beads up between warps now, more prevalent with 'tubular shaped beads' than with other seed beads, ready yourself to push harder.

I would run my needle, back across the row, taking a section of beads at a time. This would include just the beads that lie between each set of Tex 400.

This turned out to be a very relaxing form of looming, for me. I know it takes more time, but it feels right.

Finally, I am not known for pointing out any of my mistakes, but for the sake of sharing all I know, I'll point out the bad choice of a bead I made. This confession should also be a good learning lesson......notice the beads in this picture again, the same I posted first.

The circle points out a bead, not as perfectly sized, for a Delica. Yes. Delicas are not perfectly shaped as we think. More times than not, I read how people suggest Delicas being perfect for bead looming and having an evenly sized bead to loom. They are much more even than most seed beads, but still have their faults. You may consider a bit of culling, during your looming with Delicas.

Some colors are blatantly different, in size and shape. For instance, the matte black is a lighter and thinner bead, than the opaques sold by Miyuki. If you do want to consider a very precise shaped bead, much more even than Delicas, Aikos. They are expensive and do not come in the same number of colors, as a Delica. I would suggest everyone buying at least a few colors and trying them out. For me, I love having over 971 colors to select, growing each year, and will continue to loom with Delicas.


  1. Your capacity to see the big picture with your work is an incredible talent - to visualise what you want and then go and create and generously share is a special gift - thanks for sharing with us.

  2. I love your posts and how much we learn or just get to appreciate!!! Can't wait for Florida to try out using the C-long Tex thread! Thanks so much!!

  3. I am new to bead weaving and have found your blog. You are an inspiration. Thank you for all you teach. I live in an area where any kind of beads or classes just doesn't exist. It would take a 2 1/2 hour ride for me to get to a class and/or purchase. I am therefore very dependent on the internet and really appreciate your generous spirit. Thank you.