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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Adding petals "off" the loomed edge

I wove most of the Gerber Daisy, or the portions that will be 'the base' and will now hand weave additional, off the edge. I turn my loom in its side, to work on a horizontal level, with the one edge, completed on the loom.

These few lines are no where near the total length I want to complete, for a perfect fitting cuff, but I always stop to complete my 3D accents. This way, I will have a better feel for how much 'weight' these accents will offer, in the finished cuff. After adding all the petals, I will consider if I should weave further 'upward' to complete the proper cuff length, or weave further 'downward'.

I have preplanned how many petals and which ones will lay in the background and which ones will be front-n-center. Notice in the following pictures, how I skip a petal to add one, then return to include the one I skipped. Again, this is to keep a perspective of the petals and how they will lay in the finished beading.

This next petal will sit forward on the loom edge and in front of the two I just added. To allow an overlap, over the first two petals, I needed to begin with a ladder stitch. At the point I want this petal to meet the loom edge, which is the only way I want to attach it to this cuff, I will begin using the outer most warp to secure the rest of the same ladder stitching of beads.

I also want this petal to over lap the one I finished to its right. Therefore, I am adding more beads, in a ladder stitch, again not attached to the outer warp.

Following the base I created, the petal rises upwards. Both sides of this petal are now 'over lapping' the petals I first created, making this one 'front-n-center' of the three.

These over laps, I created, needed to be secured to the looming as well. I turned the loom up. This makes it easier for me to now bead further 'over' the original loomed pattern, following the original loomed pattern in bead colors.

This 'over hang' is secured to the original looming.

You can follow the next three photographs as they show how the rest of the petals were added, just as explained above. Each petal was well thought out for position and colors, before I started adding the first petal.

The last petal was added. I am happy with how they overlap comfortably create a realistic looking flower with a spray of petals. You can see, in the photo below, the bleed of each petal, over hanging the looming, blends in perfectly. It also secures each petal to the loomed cuff.

While completing each petal, I thought more about how I want to loom this to a perfect cuff size and how this Gerber Daisy will play a part in this final design. Therefore, I loomed further down, keeping the Daisy to the upper end of the cuff. There are still further rows, needing to be loomed above the daisy. Some to complete petals, and a few to handle my clasp idea. Other than that, I loomed more rows to fall below the Daisy.

I have some ideas in filling out the lower portion of this cuff, but it will have to offer a balance to the glorious weight, of the Gerber Daisy Head, above. The C-Lon Tex 400 warps, in the colors I chose, stand out so nicely against the matte black Delicas. I don't want to hide these, but I do want to balance this cuff.


  1. I have really enjoyed watching this one progress, its a beautiful cuff - stunning picture and gorgeous colours, the texture you have created is amazing.

  2. Caron, you say what I feel about your bead looming....I love watching it evolve. Thank you!

  3. So much information ... so many important points ... so much to learn!
    And so much beauty in this cuff.

  4. Es una maravilla, un trabajo espectacular, gracias....

  5. Thank you so much for sharing. You have vision. I am sure the finished piece will be beautiful.

    As you have been so generous in sharing your knowledge I have a question. When I loom I weave the warp threads back through the piece and tie them off, or make fringe. Neither of those options will work with your thicker warp threads. Thus, my question: what are you going to do with those warp threads?

  6. Hi KJ. This is what makes my ©Warp Management Techniques so wonderful. There are so many new ideas, for the warps. I have many more that are completed, but just not shared here, yet. My book will explain everything in detail.

    The final book submission is due to the Publisher by May 2012. Following some corrections and additions, it will be available in the first quarter of 2013.

    I look forward to sharing all of my methods. It will surely bring bead looming to the forefront of bead weaving, again.

  7. I am planning on making that purchase. I learned loom work from the insert in my first loom for the very basics and from Virginia L. Blakelock's book Those Band Bad Beads. I am looking forward to adding your book to my collection.

  8. Love how you plan but don't over plan, allowing the creative process to develop. This is a great lesson for any artist.

  9. Thank you KJ. My methods are much different than anyone has published prior. I really think it is the best way to manage the warps. Using the 'paper clip' method requires a special loom set up. The way I teach to finish off the warps, any loom can be used.

  10. Thank You Colleen! I really appreciate your thoughts, being such an 'artiste' yourself.

  11. Oh no! Your book won't be here until 2013! Guess we'll all be on pins and needles until it gets here!! I too will be one of the first to purchase your book!! This piece is amazing!! Thanks so much for pics along with the progress...just makes so much more sense!!! Again, a beautiful piece!!!

  12. Great technique! I can see so many things being created based on this! The first thing that comes to mind is a skyline! The bracelet is beautiful!

  13. Thank you both so much!

    Robbie, you may remember I did offer you a chance to join my Group in Face Book, 'A Bead Looming Intervention'! There I teach and share of my techniques, which will also be in the book! Many are shy to join FB, but it really is a great Group of Loomers. We really enjoy each other, learn from each other, teach each other and love sharing what we all learn. Let me know, the invite is still available! :)

  14. Dear Erin, I am so glad I have found your blog! You're incredibly talented and watching your gorgious works have remembered me why I love handmade jewellery so much and gave me more inspiration:):)