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Friday, July 5, 2013

Baltimore Orioles Baseball Cuff!

I have decided to offer a "WIP", (work in progress), of a "Baltimore Orioles Baseball Cuff" I designed and now weaving, on a loom.

You can see how I have extended the helmet and ball, both of which were not added after the actual weaving, of each row, but included in the length of the bead rows, when added. This is new to me and so glad I have perfected a way to extend the pattern, without using a hand weaving stitch. This method even moves much faster along, than if hand woven, along the edge.

Originally, I was only going to extend the base ball, portion of this design, but after tweaking the extensions "on the loom", I decided to also extend the helmet. Adding warps was all it took.

I'll share more later, as I complete this cuff.


  1. You are so clever, this is going to be sensational. I can't wait to see what other accents you are going to add!

  2. Thank you Caron. I was so excited I screamed, while by my self :D It works out very well for adding the proper extensions. I plan on doing this method often. It sounds like another class coming one lol

  3. This is great...hope that class gets offered on line. I am trying unsuccessfully to understand how those extra warps are added. It appears you have a very clever trick here. And where do those warps for the baseball disappear too on the top and bottom? Curious-er and curious-er

    1. Hello Sue! I would love to offer on line classes or even a self published book. My delay is in getting the proper direction, for both. I had to smile when you mentioned "trick" as I feel I tricked myself when this all came to light. I worked with the same idea in the last, many times, but only now do I see where I needed to tweak it. One suggestion I can make, and tell my students, it is not necessary to have every warp run a continuous thread. You only need warps to hold the beads, no matter how they are set up. Thank you so much for your comment!

  4. Hello Erin!
    I admire your work. You inspired me to try bead looming. Since I discovered your blog six weeks ago I do nothing else. I'm totally fascinated.

  5. Thank you so very much! It really excites me to see others enjoying the loom! So many feel they have learned to bead on a loom, and didn't care for it. I set out to change that thought process! It sounds like you are on your way! Please, keep in touch!