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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

"Out of the Park"!

So many tell me, when they see a newly completed cuff, "You hit this one out of the park!" This time, I really did...Oriole Baseball, park that is!

This edging seems to be my favorite, lately. I also did similar on the "Weaving Along the Warps", cuff I post not too long ago. This time, I used some sterling bead caps, to hold the black obsidian 4mm beads.

After I add the clasp, I'll take photos of the finish cuff, for my Gallery and Website. I'm behind starting a new piece, for the upcoming August class, so I get started on that tonight!


  1. You got the home run with this one! Can't wait for the grande finale!

  2. This is so many different kinds of Awesome. Definitely a home run! :)