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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Looming the base

I have completed further rows, of the base for this new design. It may be hard to figure out the pattern, at this point, but it will all fall into place, after you see how I include some 'Bead Tole'.

Looming 92 beads wide can be a feat, but it has been very relaxing to me. Once I load the needle and weft with the proper colors, for any particular row, I 'pop' a few beads between the warps, run my needle through those, then 'pop' more, until the entire row is secure.

The Mirrix works so well, for this width looming, because I am able to loosen the warp tension, grab the entire looming in my hand, and secure a row of beads, opening up my hand as I run across. Then the tension can be tightened again.

Once this base is complete, I can move on to other sections. I plan a number of stages, in this SLN. It won't look anything like this base, once I am further along!

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