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Sunday, July 25, 2010


For the next few days, or so, I will be working on my newest venture,a SLN. This will be a 'Split Loomed Necklace' and I want to share these stages in a WIP, Work In Progress!

My Mirrix loom is perfect for what I have designed. Here is my Loom, strung with 93 warps, with 38 of them attached to 'warp weights'.

Each warp is tied to the lower warp bar. The few I want to keep stable, 16 center beads, are also secured to the upper warp bar. The other warps, 76 all together are also secured to warp weights.

This technique will allow me to be very creative with my looming. I plan on some 'cut work' and 'wavy edges' as well as trying out special designs with loomed strips. As I complete a new technique, I will share photos in progress.

The warp weights are custom created by lamp work artist Venessa Hearn. You can purchase or order these weights from her website Bead Up A Storm She will also include a tutorial of using 'warp weights', with every purchase.

I am anxious to share my travels, as this will be new ground for me to cover! Please know that my desire to create very involved loomed art, is out of my passion for this medium. It is understandable that my particular pieces may be too overwhelming for many bead loomers, but I hope there will be bits and pieces that can be used for your own looming and take what I share as an inspiration.

1 comment:

  1. Wow! You've been busy threading up that beauty!!! I'm just amazed that you've used all your weights, I'll have to make some more! ;)
    Thank you for the wonderful challenge of creating these warp weights for you, I hope you enjoy working with them!
    I just can't wait to see the design for this SLN. It's sure to be incredible!
    You rock, Ms Simonetti! Loom Queen extraordinaire!