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Monday, July 5, 2010

Bead Layering

This is the reason I was so inspired by a cuff I saw, in these same colors, same layering idea, without the silver trim, but completed in the peyote stitch.

I was enamored by the 'layering' aspect of this design. First, I wanted to see how well it would work on a 'looming weave' and second, there are many designs that lend a definite need for such layering.

I added the silver lined Permanent Toho 11/0 Beads mainly because I prefer the 'finished' look of my weaving, but the original design did not include this. Without the silver, it has a wonderful natural feel about it! My ideas are not to see the 'inside of the beads' or 'notice any thread' in my bead work. Just a method I prefer.

The silver fringe is also woven in a 'layered' design, using Toho Perm 8/0, 11/0 and mettalic silver 15/0 beads.

This clasp was a perfect match to this beading design. I love finding new clasps to use and being able to realize how well they pick up a design I have loomed.

Now, imagine this layering technique being used to 'color' a pattern. May be a 2 dimensional picture, like a carton shot or something, colored in layers on top. I think that would create such a great loomed piece of wearable art!


  1. Yes! I do like this. Did you loom the red and silver going through the turquoise again. I could not work out how you would do this.

  2. Hello! No, the red coral is 'sewn' as an additional layer on top of the turquoise base of beads. The 'red' is NOT loomed, but hand sewn on top in a 'whip' stitch method. I did create a 'stripe' design with my turquoise so I wouldn't have to count the same number of beads, while layering. It also gave my red stripes a nice light turquoise 'halo'. The silver was added last!

  3. Lovely colour combinations - striking and elegant at the same time - love the layered effect.

  4. Layering beads on beads seems to be the "in" method of many beadwork designs! I've always loved this look, but couldn't see it for looming until I saw this created in a peyote hand woven cuff by another bead artist! Now it opened up many other design ideas I hope to include in future loomings! I just know you will be including this with some of your loomed work!