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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Design ideas can hit fast!

I was recently inspired by a cuff, beaded using the colors of Turquoise and Red. It wasn't woven on the loom, but the 11/0 Delicas were woven in the (3)Drop Peyote Method, (not 2 as I first wrote!). This design idea hit me so fast, I stopped working on a new detailed cuff design to make this cuff, using my favorite method of beading, looming.
Here is the base.
I used the colors seen in the peyote cuff, (Turquoise and Red), but I opted for the 'Color Lined' group of Delicas. This line of Delicas have an awesome 'glow' about them. When these beads are loomed, your pattern seems to 'vibrate' with color.

The 'Color Lined Beads' come in many variations, i.e., inside color can be every color offered by Miyuki, but the outside glass color can offer many choices as well. There can be inside white with outside topaz, inside yellow with outside green, etc. The 'Color Lined Beads' I chose, for this cuff, are a dark turquoise/clear glass, a light turquoise/clear AB glass and a gorgeous bright red inside/clear glass.

The looming shown above is just the base of this cuff design. I am attempting something new, but it seems pretty 'cut & dry'. I loved the look and hope to replicate it with my 'Loom'! I'll share more photos as I progress.


  1. I look forward to seeing your results, Erin ;) (My cuff, by the way, was done in 3-drop peyote.)

  2. Oh my Carol, you are right! I guess you can see that I don't work in that method much and just skimmed over the bead count to write this post. I adore this pattern and wanted to recreate a cuff similar for myself, but loomed. It is interesting to me to find ways to add the (4) drop design to the looming. It almost reminds me of 'looming on looming'! I can't wait to show you how you have inspired me.