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Friday, June 4, 2010

Applique Hand Woven Whimsy!

I have completed more of this NSW Cuff, the Rugby Team for which I am creating a Cuff for an 'Avid Fan'! Other pictures were posted, days earlier, so this is a more progressed shot of where I am going with this Cuff Design.

I turned my loom graph paper, diagonally, to create a pattern for the 'brick stitched' additional 'arm', which will be appliqued to the Cuff.

This is not attached permanently yet, but here is where I will secure this arm, on the finished Cuff.

As you can see, Looming Beads can take on a three dimension, if you choose to include this in your pattern. I like the look of 'whimsy' in my pieces, so every pattern I create has something included to bring the beads off the loom and into the design.

Right now, I'll be working on the clasp portion, then the edging will be completed. My final stage is to attach this 3D portion, the arm.

I'll share pictures of the 'clasp' addition soon. My plans are to create a 'double slide clasp' for this cuff, due to the wide width it is loomed. The reason for this is so I won't have to 'decrease' as many bead rows to meet the clasp width, since I can't purchase a sterling tube clasp this wide. The double clasp idea may be the start of something new, adding this idea to many future cuffs. If it goes as I plan, then the double clasp will make all of my cuffs much more adjustable!

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