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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Weighted Warp Method

I am attempting a very new idea. My thought is to loom a cuff, which will be designed to have a 'wavey edge'. Usually, loomed pieces are 'straight', because it seems impossible to manage the short warp threads between each short row of looming. Hopefully I can change this!

I finally sat down and assembled the Mirrix Loom. It seemed overwhelming at first, but all the parts came together quite easily. Here you can see the loom assembled and my warps attached. Notice the double warp bars. The Mirrix Loom comes standard with 'one warp' bar, but I purchased an additional warp bar.

The reason I decided on the second warp bar, is the original directions state to wrap your warp thread around the one bar, up and around the base and top, thus creating a 'double layer' of warps. It seems that was too much of a thread waste for me, so the additional warp bar allows the one end of the warp thread to be tied at the top and the other at the bottom. This now creates only one layer of warps threads.

To create this technique, wavey edging, I needed to make the four outside warp threads 'adjustable'. Initially, I tied a third warp bar with rope, to hang from the top of the loom.

After assessing further, this method will not allow each of the four outside warps to work 'independent' of each other, which is what I need for this wavey edge idea. So I decided to purchase some 3/4 oz. fishing weights, hanging them in the loop of two warp threads.

I'll be starting at the top of the loom, top of the pattern not in the center, as I usually advise.
If this works out, a Mirrix Loom may be the only Loom that will allow this method of looming!


  1. Wow! This looks big, Erin! Can't wait to see the wavy edged cuff you're going to create.

  2. Oh Ness! This is big! My head is spinning with ideas! Right now I am looming a basket weave design, but other ideas won't stop entering my head....a profile of a face! I'll share pictures soon!