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Friday, June 18, 2010

Advantageous Views

Sometimes, when seeing your bead work in photos, an entire 'dimension' gets left out. While presenting our beading in pictures, it is helpful to see many forms. Of course we want to look for the close up, getting an idea of each detail, but also seeing the piece on a model, helps to gauge size and its wearable aspects.

In a prior post, I displayed my recent cuff, NSW Cuff. Prior to that, I also shared my progress and designing steps. I now want to offer pictures of this same cuff, worn on a model (my daughter Olivia), to show how it looks while worn. I am sure, if you have been following these posts, you will get a better feel for this looming, by seeing it modeled.

Seeing the work in this manner gives you are better perspective. I have to be reminded, from time to time, to offer these type of photographs myself. I want to share these thoughts so we can all show our beading to their best advantage!


  1. Thank you Olivia for modelling the cuff! It is fabulous :)

  2. Caron, she wanted me to tell you that she was giving 'you' the 'thumbs' up sign! lol

  3. Wow, That's a fantastic bracelet.

  4. Thanks Mein! This was include design detail, unlike any other cuff I made. The double clasps sit on the side of the wrist, the glass focal sits as a watch face and the 3D arm was positioned to lay over the thumb. There was much to think about in this one, but it seemed to have worked out almost as I planned!