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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Size Count Equates Cuff Length

Now that I have the base of my design complete, I'll be working out the sizing and clasp attachment.

Sizing perfectly doesn't have to be a mystery if you know your 'looming style'. Some may loom rows very taught and pulled close together. Others may loom loosely and not worry about pushing one row up next to the other. Knowing this will help you create your own 'Size' or 'Clasp' Equation. If you are consistent with your 'looming style', then you can create a 'row count' for each length of cuff.

I'll be finishing this cuff with a 'slide bar/tube clasp', (which additional rows are added to complete, ). When I size, knowing my 'looming style' and clasp type, I loom 95 Rows for a 6 1/2 inch cuff, 100 Rows for a 7 inch long cuff and 105 Rows for a 7 1/2 inch cuff. Then the additional rows are added for the clasp. I decrease the final rows, to meet the clasp. Therefore, depending on the number of decreasing rows needed to meet the clasp, I will subtract or add to the base rows, accordingly. I'll share 'clasp equation' more effectively, in pictures, but my goal here is to suggest you create a 'constant' row count for sizing. This will be consistent when you loom the same type of beads, i.e., Delicas, Czech, Japanese, 15/0, 11/0, etc. It is how I can size cuffs to fit, for commission requests.

Cuffs are made to be sized, 1/2 inch larger then the actual, comfortable circumference of the wrist. They won't dangle like a charm bracelet, or fit too tight, but needs a soft spin on the wrist to fit. Keep 'your' count in mind, while you loom future cuffs, so you can begin to create your own 'sizing count'.

I plan on offering options, for clasps added to looming cuffs, in my book and outline these suggestions in pictures. For this particular cuff, the wrist measurement is 6 1/2". I'll make this 100 rows long and attaching two slide bar clasps, which won't require much decreasing of rows to meet. It will require creating long tabs to slip into the bar clasp then I can adjust the size accordingly.

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