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Monday, May 31, 2010


I just started a special request, for a loomed cuff. This is for someone very special, who lives in Australia! She is a huge Rugby Fan and sent me tons of links for ideas. Not only was I amazed at the creative information she was able to send me, but I learned so much about that sport! This Team is the NSW (North South Wales) Cockroaches and their team color is Aqua Blue.

When I design a new bead loomed piece, I'll pick out a photo, taking into consideration how many beads wide can this pattern be seen and recognized. Too much detail, the cuff becomes too wide, too little detail and there are only spots of color. This picture was an interest to me and I feel I can recreate the Mascot in just the right amount of detail and width of beads.
I don't use bead programs, only because I always worked in this manner, but I plan on learning more about them, in time. Right now, I am using my comfort level of creating a pattern. After the picture is selected, I superimpose a loom graph on top, make a few changes in the details of the pattern, then I select the bead colors, from the colors I see in the photo.

I will not include the gold letters you see at the top, and will move the NSW more to the left, or center this for my cuff. There is a good portion loomed, at this point. Notice the arm of the Mascot, on the left, how it seems to be cut off. I plan on recreating an arm by hand weaving one then applique this on top of the cuff.

So far I have grabbed 73 different 11/0 Delica Bead colors for this piece. I will be using a 'sterling slide bar clasp' and create an edging to balance off the applique arm.

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