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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Thinking Out Loud!

I know we all do it! For those who place many opinions, it is not a good thing. For others who can't organize their thoughts, it can be enlightening. Myself? I tend to use this 'thinking out loud' trait, often, and it seems to strike up conversations and offer 'outside suggestions' that give me options to consider. Whether I choose to use these 'outside suggestions' is another matter, but at least I can step back and see my work in a different light.

For my first Blog Post, I wanted to reason my 'writing down of inner thoughts'. What I find I really want to convey is how I am anxious to share some very cool bead looming techniques and open up a world that is not at the forefront of the beading community.

I am also working on my book, about looming. I'll be referring some specific questions, as I continue to update my Blog, i.e., Do you enjoy creating with Seed Beads? If so, have you tried Bead Looming? Do you enjoy the process? What is the most uncomfortable part of Looming? All of these questions can be answered and I hope to show that your answers will change as we begin to work together and learn more about this wonderful process, Seed Bead Looming!


  1. Can't wait to see all your tips and techniques Erin. Thank you for doing this blog for those of us who are just starting out
    Carol Villeneuve-Kisnics

  2. I am glad you will be along for my thoughts! I would hope that after a few more techniques added, here on my Blog, you will share some of your bead work with everyone! I am making you my new mission!

  3. I'm a newbie to loomwork. I'm picking out a couple of bracelet patterns to start out. I will read all of your tips and techniques to help me get started. Thanks for doing this!

  4. Hi Karen! I really want to help! Looming is fast and fun, but was handed an 'ugly' sticker because of the warps! The bracelets I loom are taken from the loom and attached to a clasp! No more weaving warps back in! I want to offer techniques here and lead up to my book! We will work it all out together!