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Monday, May 24, 2010

How Many Colors until the 'End of the Delica Rainbow'?

Today I received another order of Miyuki Delica Bead Colors, 11/0. While unwrapping and putting them in to their stackable, twist off containers, the subject of 'how many Delica Colors' are actually produced, came to mind. I have read in Blogs and Forum posts, authors stating there are, "...thousands of Delica colors." There is only 1,012 (which now includes the 30 new neon color lined and the latest 42 duracoats as of 7/7/14), to be exact, but Miyuki continues to produce ,others at a slow rate. Today's catch brings my ownership up to 642 colors!
While storing my beads, I thought about their numbering system and wanted to share some thoughts.

When I receive packs of beads, no matter who the supplier, they are poured into a 'canister' that is clear, stacks and twists each separate cup together. I prefer this type of container, over a pill vile, tic-tac boxes or tubes, because I can use this very container while beading, since they are wide enough for my needle to pick up beads. Below is an example of how I use these containers.

Each cup untwists, so I can select the bead color I am using for any particular project, they conveniently twist back together for travel, you can see the bead colors very clearly and there is no need to pour the beads back into any container. The label, from the bead supplier's packaging, is peeled off and stuck to the inside of the container. I then use a white label to write the same DB #, and stick this on the outside of the same container. The stacks are in numerical order, on my shelves. This makes it easy to find a particular color number or I can see shades for matching colors. The label stays inside, incase I need to reorder. [NOTE: Purchase the same 'brand' of containers, for all your beads. Many companies use different threading systems. Mixing these systems won't allow the canisters to be secure.]

It is true that Delicas or any round tubular brand of beads, are perfect for looming. But the main reason I love to use Delicas, is the array of color choices they offer. Miyuki Delicas 11/0 are offered in 942 colors. You may notice the number range being as high as 1818, but Miyuki is reserving many number slots for future use. For instance, their #400's, mainly galvanized metallics, only range in numbers of 410 thru 465. It is the same for many number groupings. Going through the entire list of numbered colors offered, there are only 942, 11/0. This is an awesome color pallet to choose, when looming a picture! Compared to other lines, i.e, Miyuki Delica 15/0, there are 105 colors. Toho Treasures 11/0, 258. Miyuki Round Rocailles 11/0, 404. Miyuki Round Rocailles 15/0, 361. Since I do not use a Bead Pattern Program, I enjoy having this huge pallet available, for selecting the colors I see in photos.

Aikos are so much more uniform in size, and offer many color choices too. The difference is there are about 1000 colors of 11/0 Aikos, only to find that many of them are now 'discontinued colors', even though their numbering system extends to 2459. I haven't noticed Miyukis Delica colors being 'discontinued' other then two or three, in the past five years.One was discontinued due to the cost of silver and gold. I admit Aikos are much more uniform in shape and size then Delicas, with no need to cull, but again, I go for the color choices.

Every Artist strives to make their pallet the widest range of colors they can, I do the same with my 'bead pallet'!


  1. Hi Erin
    There are 105 Miyuki Delica size 15/o colors - from a note from Barbara Elbe, she's got all of the colors of 15's (yay!).

  2. Why this is very good news! I just changed the number in my original post from 95 to 105. We'll take it!

  3. Hi Erin
    Wow good to know that delica's are now up to 942 colors cant believe it and you have over 500 omg girl $$$$$
    What id like to know if you can tell me are there up to date 11/0 sample cards for all the delica's? because i use the 6 that i have to check on matching my colors for conversions from DMC colors over to Delica's before I actually purchase them. Because seeing the color for real is much better for me
    Oh and hey i have finally taken pics of my so called home made attempt of a loom how do i post it?
    Thanks Robin

  4. Hi Robin! Well, time has gone by since this post, so I have acquired a few more Delicas! lol
    You can purchase up to date bead color charts. Stop by some of your favorite on line suppliers and check out what they offer. Or, you can also visit the Miyuki site to see what is available. I can't wait to see what you have been looming. You can post it in the Group, A Bead Looming Intervention. If you are unsure how, then read the left column, on the Group's Wall. There is a direction to post pictures.

  5. I love your pretty looming. I just started back I was taught in my younger years and just now getting back into it. I haven't forgot what I have learn very shocked but, also noticed that there are a lot of new things I have to learn. I started getting the Girl Scouts into looming and also my daughters tennis team. I plan on teaching it at a shelter for abused and battered women . Just something for them to start to take their mind off of other things. I love your post and look forward to reading more. I would still like to added to your group I really think it would help me progress into my teaching and understanding looming better. Keep up the good work! God Bless