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Monday, May 17, 2010

Increase Your Canvas Size

When I start a new Looming, or commissioned to create a new cuff, it always comes to mind how much nicer this would be if there were matching accessories! This cuff is now complete, titled "Forget Me Not". It was a perfect design to include a matching pair of earrings and a flower ring.

This was the perfect subject matter to include a ring, because it almost looks as though one of the small blue 'Forget Me Not' Flowers, fell of the cuff and onto the finger!

I also want to point out that each of the petals, on all of the small 3D Flowers, are not matching in color scheme. I created each petal in a random color sequence. This too lends itself to a 'realistic' feel.

Notice the clean lines of beading around the clasp. This was attached with out any beads leaning or crooked, as sometimes occurs when hiding methods solve such a dilemma!

Once again I am sharing a completed looming and offering a new way to think about your designs. Look at creating more then just one parcel, of any design, and how it can be magnified into something more involved. This will allow more practice. Most of all, I am suggesting this to give you a new way to think about your designs and know that increasing your 'canvas' will help you to think differently, when you start a new Bead Looming.


  1. Gorgeous work Erin! Love your color combinations in this jewelry set.


  2. I am very excited that you will be following this 'Intervention'...I purchase beads from, continually.....get your catchers mitt out, hear comes another order!
    Nice to meet you, on a different level!

  3. Thank you Courtney! I love getting to know you, but would love to meet you as well! How are you feeling these days? Your arm?