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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Select Bead Color & Style!

I really enjoy using the "11/0 Delica Line" of beads, more so for the 'Bead Selection' available! There are more colors and finishes to choose, approximately 900! Other brands, or even a different size of Delica Beads, don't offer 'half as many'! I believe I know why....the closeness of the beads, in looming, actually force one color to react in a way unlike when placed next to another. As I continue to offer more about my bead looming, I will point out how this can be seen in many pieces I loom. For now, the finishes are what I want to point out.

So far, I have been sharing pictures and techniques, using the same bead looming. I felt it would be best to explain as I loom, so each and every step can be shared. Of course, I also plan on keeping some special ideas for my book!

The picture above shows the different 'bead finishes' I included. In particular, the lower left group of beads, on the loom, the 'Satin Line'. This is a line of Delica Beads which convey a true 'antique' look. They look like 'frosted cut' tiny tubes of glass. When used, in conjunction with other types of beads, they can offer such a unique character. I love including them in my bead creations. You can find them in the Delica #800's and some in the Delica #600's. They are all in a muted shade, or pastels, but glimmer with the brightest white, when your finished pieces are moved or worn.

Care should be taken when using these. Notice the picture below. This close up shows the finish quality of the 'Delica Satin' line of beads, against another 'Delica', a Matte Metallic. Not to point out the characteristics of the Matte Metallic, but to show the sharp edges and linear look of the 'Satin' beads. These are both size 11/0 seeds beads, and most of the other finishes are smooth like this Matte Metallic, except for the 'Satins'.

If you are including this gorgeous line of beads in your next bead looming, be sure to not pull the weft too taught, in a row that one of these type of beads are resting on an 'end warp'.

As seed beads are 'loomed', the most important part to keep in mind, is the 'outside' edges, or end warps. The center of your looming will take care of itself, as the beads rest against each other. I will explain this further, in pictures, when I explain how I like to 'warp' my loom.


  1. I stumbled on this really good chart for sizing & colour.

  2. Thank you for posting! This is one of the clearest and color perfect chart I have seen, on the web! Very helpful!

  3. great posting very helpful and the picture quality is great thankyou again