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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Garner Your Beads!

I am working on a loomed cuff, just a simple 'abstract' design. Each progression is photographed because I want to note every thought and act, I complete, while looming. This will be included in my book.
Going over some of these photographs I realize an important aspect of threading your needle, for each row. There can be beads which are very different in shape and size then the others you are looming.
Be sure to 'garner' or 'cull' out beads that are not the same size as the majority you are looming. This will not only give your beading a more uniform look, but it will also keep the edge of the looming straight.

If you must, pull the entire row from the needle and thread, before you continue with looming. If you are using many of the same colors, and can just 'crack' that one out, and add another, do it that way. It is much faster and efficient, making this project that much more enjoyable.

Use a pair of needle nose pliers to 'crack' the culled bead. Hold the weft thread far off in one direction and be sure to crack the bead on the other side. Most beads are made of glass and will cut the thread when broken, if you crack the bead directly over the weft thread. Also be sure to wear some eye protection, because the broken glass bead will shard and fly. What I do for proper protection, is cover the entire pliers, holding the bead and taught weft' with a small handkerchief. This way the shards will not fly in your face. Notice the picture to the right, how the breaking point of the bead is away from the weft thread.

Since I work with Japanese Delicas more then any other type of bead, I have noticed there is a difference between the colors they offer. For instance, the Matte style beads are more fragile and not as regular in size, needing a bit more culling then the others. The Metallic line of beads are stronger and larger. The Opaque and Trans Delicas are hardest to crack! Just a side thought!

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  1. During the last few weeks, I have become enchanted with your creations and techniques. Have now started reading your blog posts from the start, gleaning as many tips as I can. 😊