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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Ante-Up Past Posts!

I shared some 'beginnings' of cuffs, in previous posts. I'll come clean with a bit more info, regarding those photos and posts!

Just to add a bit more interest in my 'Finishing the Warps' technique, I will say that I finalized each of these two cuffs, pictured below, within '45 minutes'. We all know that 'Looming' is faster then 'hand weaving' beads...not better, just a faster method of addressing the same number of beads. (As a matter of fact, I'll be mentioning the necessity of knowing the difference between 'looming and hand weaving' and how it will help in your designing, later on.)

Early last week, I included a 'snippet' photo of an edging. Here is the completed cuff.

You will notice that Bead Looming does not have to stay as constrictive as 'B-E-A-D L-O-O-M-E-D'. You can add many other facets, i.e, focals that are bezeled, hand woven sections (sometimes even small earring patterns make great additions to looming a cuff), or hand weave an edging similar to brick/peyote or free from. This cuff was created to stress that very fact.

Personally, I really do not allow any looming to be called 'Complete', without some type of finish on the edge. An additional completed edge not only offers stability, design options, creativity and sizing variables, but also 'strength'!

I make my initial looming, my 'canvas' and work upwards from a 'loomed beading' as easily as working from a newly 'stretched canvas'.

One more I guess I am not totally going to 'ante-up' with this post....(sorry!)..but this is a part of something I will need completed by Tuesday.

Again, you can see that more of a '3 Dimension' was included, to the '2 Dimensional' design, I created. (Can't wait to talk more about patterns, creating and buying!)

This is also a follow up to the very last post I added. I'll splash the entire set, once completed!

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