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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Consider the 2D before the 3D!

I have completed the 'base' portion of this cuff. Again, this is the 'Forget Me Not' Flower Cuff I started working on yesterday.

As a follow up to the last post, about the 'Weft Being the Bead Color Boss', you will notice how bright the bead colors shine, beyond the dark background I selected.

Now, I am progressing beyond the 'bead colors' and thinking more of the design and pattern I had in mind. It seems, from the picture on the left, that this cuff will show off an 'A-Symmetrical' design. Actually, I am planning for half the cuff to show in a 'two dimensional form', like many looming designs, but will finish up with a 'three dimension' addition.

When I design a cuff, I am not only creating a 'picture' but a 'feel' or try to relate the 'subject matter' to how it can best be displayed. In this cuff, an addition of small 'Forget Me Not' flowers, in 3-D form, will round out this cuff designed around 'flowers'.

I will offer this pattern, for the flowers, as I begin to create them, petal by petal. For now, I am still painting my picture, using seed beads.

This is the first in a multiple layer of edging, I want to include. Because of adding some dimension, in the form of flowers, I want to totally complete the edge. This way I won't have any problems running my needle through rows of beading, as I would if the flowers were added first, while edging.

Planning the total design, before you begin, is a major part of how I want to train Bead Loomers to think. Starting in one direction, then switching to another will create more work in the end. This even includes knowing what clasp you plan to add, when you start!


  1. The forget me not cuff is beautiful just as '2D' is this your own design and is it available, please let me know, I love it !

  2. Thank you! Yes, it is my own design. I work from photos with a loom grid super imposed on top. The bead colors are selected from the photo, from what I can see, and my Delica stash of beads. There is no 'writing' or 'printing' of a pattern, or nothing for me to offer for sale. I'll work on offering some patterns, sometime later. If you follow my Blog, or stop in again, you may find patterns that I can share. You could even color a picture on a loom graph of simple flowers. I think the real pattern comes alive with the beads you select!