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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Correcting Misthoughts

I have completed the NSW Cuff. It includes two sterling slide bar clasps, the 3D Arm and a bead bezel cab encasing a picture of the Logo, for the Rugby Sport this was designed.

This Cuff has plenty of 'firsts' for me. The double clasp idea arose from the need to accommodate the width I loomed. My options were to decrease down to a narrow strip for the largest slide clasp they sell, have one custom created by a metal smith, bead a toggle clasp, add a button/velcrio or incorporate two slide clasps.

I prefer the 'sterling slide clasp' over any other means to close. It brings the work to a 'jewelry' level that I don't feel when a toggle is beaded or a button/velcro is added. To me, these are 'tailoring techniques' and not jewelry. Of course, this is my own opinion and may change only for a very creative clasp. [smilz]

The size of the picture graphed and the length I needed to complete, 6 1/2 inch wrist, I decided on the 'double sterling slide clasp'. Now that I see it, other then in my mind, I think it makes this more 'sporty' which is perfect for the theme of this cuff! When I planned this out, I didn't take a few things into consideration. Therefore, I ended up with the ends 'unmatched', i.e., one narrow side and one wide width of looming. These two could not accommodate the same size bar clasp. To correct this, I had to make the wider side, narrow, buy actually 'cracking' the two outside rows of beads, seven loomed rows, on each side! This is the first time I found myself in this dealing with warps and wefts, not on the loom! I re-ran a weft thread through the left over rows, and actually 'laced' up the loops from the original wefts! I wish I had pictures to share, but I worked so fast I didn't stop to take pictures. It may be a good idea to do this again to share pictures, because I feel we all need to know that 'everything can be corrected'! Do get disappointed over directions that don't turn out, but dive in to attempt a'll learn something!

The addition of the bezel was also a first for me, which I hope to include in other bead looming creations!