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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Final Pictures of 'A Glorious Day'

I named this Cell Phone Bag 'A Glorious Day' because the inspiration photograph was taken by Jean Upton, while she was on a walk/bike ride. The most appealing part of this photograph is the solid black background. I have been sharing stages of completion, but now I am glad to share completed pictures!

Below is a close up picture of the '3D Butterfly Wing', added as a focal to this panel.

The opposite side is loomed using the same color palette, of 44 different Delica Beads, but different Delicas were used as the predominate colors. My choice to keep the color theme going, had to do with how the fringe and strap are finished, reflecting both sides, of the cell phone bag.

Creating a spiral rope section, seems to be a good answer, keeping the strap strong. In this case, I used 10/0 hex cut, matte finish glass Japaneses beads. It spiraled up faster and offered that chunkier feel I wanted to acquire. The bead tubes carry out the same colors, as in both panels. Gems and Stones were also selected to match. I prefer to include sterling silver in between every bead, stone, gem or spiral, when I string up a strap.

As with many bags, cell phone or otherwise, they are more heavily used. Therefore, I always bead an epaulette, for each side. This way, I secure the four sides of the epaulette and attach the closed jump ring to the center. This gives a more security to the attached strap. I use jewelry wire to string my straps, ending with a lobster claw clasp. This can be removed, from the bag, for use as a wallet, or can be easily swapped out with an alternate handle. Notice that I also include three jump rings for the lobster claw clasp to hook on to, so there is additional strength.

A close up of the fringe shows how I used sterling silver caps. This, along with the opaque bi-cone Crystals, created the weight I was looking to acquire, making the fringe lay perfectly.

Looming a cell phone bag seemed to be something no one wanted to consider trying, thinking of all the warps needing to be managed. What I love about the loomed bag, is how they are supple yet sturdy and have no need to be fabric lined!


  1. That is a fantastic mobile phone pocket.

  2. Thank you Mein! If feel like I have been beading this for too long! It feels good to finally post some 'completed' photos, seeing that I have been posting progress pictures since last month!!

  3. I think it's beautiful and instructive to see the progress.
    Thanks for sharing your work with us.

  4. I'm without words!!! Your looming masterpieces make me cry as always!!!
    Good job and I'm looking forward to see what you will create next time!!!

  5. Hello Chiara!
    Thank you so much for your comment! I share because I want to inspire others to consider looming as another 'beading technique'. Hand weaving is the 'go to' method for many seed beaders. Imagine if those very creative beaders, we all know well by name, were to include looming in their beading repertoire. I guest chills just thinking of the eye candy!
    I am working on another long term looming, so I am going to start posting 'work in progress' pictures today! I love knowing you are there to share my thoughts! Thanks so much again!