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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Use Beads to Build!

I have shared how the 'butterfly wing' was added, for character, but I didn't show how to secure. I stitched the one edge, of the butterfly, which allows for the 'lift' of proportion. To complete this lift, I wanted to secure the opposite side, but not sewn that down. Therefore, I attached the other side of the wing by including a 6mm Permanent Metallic Silver bead.

This will give the wing the 'lift' I wanted to keep, and allow it to stay secure enough that it won't be 'flapping' around, while wearing the bag. This is a technique I do often, in my 3D building, adding beads underneath!

I have also completed a 'beaded spiral' and beaded some bead tubes, to finish the strap. The beads in the spiral are 8mm cut glass, matte finish. I love how they give the texture, in this spiral. I also used them in the center of two bead tubes! These, along with stones and gems I purchased and showed earlier, I will string the entire strap and secure.

The bottom of the bag is also closed, at this point, and I'll be fringing it with a short fringe, to include all the colors of the bag.

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