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Friday, November 5, 2010

A Mini Mirrix!

I just received the Mini Mirrix, I ordered. This is adorable! I originally ordered this loom so I could start creating patterns for 'loomed earrings', but now that I have it in my hands, I see it would be great for loomed glass cases, credit card holders, small amulets, etc. The loom table is about 3" wide and is set up to warp 37 warps, or 36 beads wide (2" wide looming). If you are feeling courageous, then you could even add an additional 10 warps, throughout, which increases the width (just be sure to start in the center of the loom, center of your pattern).

This loom can also be extended up to 7" of looming, or can be loomed longer if you 'roll' your looming. Extensions could be considered for even longer.

One other great feature, I liked at first sight, it is very transportable. If you travel and want to include your looming, this is perfect!

I'll be finishing up the cell phone bag and try out an earring or two so I can get a few thoughts together for making some earrings patterns! I promise I'll share the pictures!


  1. Thank you Beth! I enjoy talking about bead looming and this venue gives me much time to think about my next step!