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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Design With Character!

Working to complete this cell phone bag, I wanted to stop and share how you can often consider adding 'something' that will bring character to your bead work. The original photo I used, for this cell phone bag, spoke to me as soon as I saw it! Great photo by Jean Upton!

I hand wove a portion of the butterfly wing, using my sense of 'dimension' and perspective. When you want to replicate something, ending up sitting further off the original plane, then consider making the added part wider and longer. Once it is attached, it needs the extra size or it will look smaller then the original picture part.

Here, I attached the wing along one side, on the left portion running along the body of the Butterfly. Underneath, I threaded a 6mm bead to become a 'cushion' so the wing will not press flat against the cell phone bag panel. I'll share more detail pictures later, when the piece is completed.

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