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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Securing Beaded Panels

Since my last updated post about this cell phone bag, I have completed finishing off the warps, which I complete while still on the loom. Now I can begin the assembly of each panel and the strap.

My first step is to connect the two panels. I am using 11/0 jet black 'cut' seed beads, for shine. I'll layer them in groups of (3) beads between the panel, allowing the 'bend' for the bag. The looming is not forgiving when it needs to lay in a circular shape, unless I loomed this from the other direction (beads loomed top to bottom). For ease of looming, I like looming 'side-to-side'. So the connection between the two panels have to be more bendable. With each pass, in between the loomed beads, I am adding one 11/0 Permanent Silver Metallic Glass Bead. This gives more support for 'pull' if the sides are stressed, as opposed to me running the thread directly in-and-out of the looming, only.

The underside is just as flexible. I don't include the additional bead on this side, but I do make sure my needle passes in the outer edge of each bead, not below the looming threads. If you look close, you can see the looming threads but on the top, you can only see the bead edges.

I have also been planning the strap, for the bag. These are the beads I have selected, which are colors from 'both' sides of the bag. The large round black beads, at the top, were a great find. They are 'matte' finish with a 'glossy' dot, again, picking up the finish from the black used on both panels! I'll also be creating a beaded spiral section, to go behind the neck, using matte cut beads and weaving a few bead tubes to include in the strap.

I am still thinking about the fringes, what-how-beads-length, which is something we all do 'while still beading'....planning (dreaming) ahead!


  1. Thank you Courtney! This is the second best part of creating a cell phone bag, (the looming process is the first!), the assembly of parts. Once the warps are 'managed', it is much like sewing together panels of cloth.

  2. Dear Erin, only now I have found you have started a blog, so I give you all my compliments, I bought a loom but used it only two time, with your suggestion found here I'm sure I will be able to use it more!!!
    Thank you very much for sharing!!!!

  3. Hello Chiara, so nice to meet you and very glad you will be sharing your thoughts with everyone here. There are so many wonderful ways to finish off a bead looming, that does not require 'reweaving' threads. I'll be adding more info as time goes on! I'd like to see some of your loom work sometime, so please keep in touch with me!

  4. The cell phone pocket is indeed a perfect dream