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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Vibrant Color Cell Phone Bag!

Ever since I completed my first loomed Cell Phone Bag, for RR, I was excited to start another! This is the beginning of the first panel/side. I won't share the subject of this picture, so I can let you see it unfold!

I don't think I have ever worked with such vibrant colors before. Looking through my portfolio, I notice muted tones, but this will kick my reputation up a notch!

The other side should be related to the first panel's picture, which the subject seems to be eluding me at this time. As it unfolds, noticing the subject of this panel, please offer your opinions or suggestions on the subject for the opposite side of this Loomed Cell Phone Bag!

I'll be photographing the stages in detail, since the first time I used my methods, of finishing warps, worked out perfectly, on the first bag. This time, I'll be sure to keep a log as to how it was finished off!


  1. Just a couple of ideas for the reverse side.... how about a monarch caterpillar or a monarch chrysalis to go with the butterfly on the front. I'm sure that what ever you come up with will be perfect and the bag as a whole will be a work of art.

  2. Lidia, I did consider this idea, then then wondered how hard it would be to not make it look like a 'worm' in beads! lmao! I will look for some interesting pictures of a Monarch Caterpillar and see if anything will work. Otherwise, I could even just continue a flower scene? I appreciate your idea! You have good ones!!!