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Friday, October 8, 2010

Detailed Patterns Take More Time!

There are only 44 colors used, in this picture, but the number of each color required per row, are small. What I am saying is that each row must have approximately 34 of the 44 total colors used, on each needle pass. This is a slower process, because I am picking up only one bead color at a time, till the entire row is complete, jumping between the multiple bead color cups. I love the meditative feeling this offers, so the slower completion time won't bother me. But take such a pattern into consideration, if you feel that you want to see the finished piece sooner, to start on the next! Look over patterns to notice the rows and colors needed to complete. Of course, you can't deny the wonderful detail, but again, you may want a pattern that moves along faster instead.

1 comment:

  1. Very good things to consider when starting a loomwork project! People sometimes ask me how I have the patience for beaded beads, but I've always felt that loomwork takes much much more. I'm loving this piece already though - love the wonderful detail!