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Monday, October 18, 2010

Adding a Bead is best done 'Sticky'!

I am finishing up the last few rows of this panel, for the cell phone bag. (I got a bit 'side tracked' with another beading projects and some book writing!) There have been times, through out my looming, where I missed a count or left a bead color off a row, having to pull all the beads off and recount or find the place I dropped. There are many ways of correcting this mishap, but I found one way to be the easiest.

Enlarge the row of beads, in the picture below. Notice how many different colors are added to the needle, row for row. At any given time, a bead color can be over looked or a count of any bead can be missed. Instead of pulling the entire row off the needle, I like to use my 'sticky method' of replacing that 'missed bead'.

Using a white 'paper tape', I tape down a strip, sticky side up. This is something I keep by my side, while I loom, often. The paper tape does not leave any 'glue residue' and is 'just as adherent as any other tape.

After noticing there is a bead missing, while punching the beads upwards, between the warps, I recount to find the bead I must be missing. My first thought is how I hope it is one of the last beads put on the needle. Of course, it can't always be that easy! When I find the 'needed bead', I'll stick the row of 'keeper beads' on to the sticky side-up, of the paper tape. Then I pull out the thread and needle, exiting the entire row. The tape will keep the row in order, so I can re-thread the same beads, without having to follow the pattern again!

After I add the 'needed bead', then I run the needle back into the row, stuck on the tape. I can then continue to loom!

Another note, on using 'paper tape', opposed to any other. It is stiffer then most. Therefore, you can even lightly 'bend' the tape, sticky side inward, to hold the row of beads, if you feel the seed beads you are using won't stay well on a flat surface.

I wrote an earlier post, on how I remove an 'extra' bead, from my needle and thread. Again, I use a pair of pliers or small wire cutters, to catch 'just the edge of the bead I want to remove' and 'crack it' away-from-the-thread. Cracking any glass bead, directly over the thread it is threaded, will cut the thread.


  1. What a smart idea! I don't do loom work, but I have often wondered about how to fix and error and keep the pattern going. This is great!

  2. Thank you for this wonderful information!

  3. It can be difficult when you are creating such tedious patterns and need to make a good count of every color, every bead. This is especially true for 'loom beading' as opposed to any other. However, many methods of beading may require a 'long line of beads' in a particular color order, so it could work for those as well! Thanks for you feed back!

  4. It's great to know you are following along, Mona! Thanks!

  5. Eva, I have even laid a piece of the paper tape across my finger, for a more 'bendable' means of returning the beads to the needle. However, I have been securing the paper tape to the board, so I can reuse this...not saying I am a 'forgetful loomer' [whistles off into the air], but it seems I save more tape attaching it to the board instead of my index finger!

  6. You are welcome Mein. I hope you can share some of your bead looming!

  7. What a great tip! I'm off one bead all the time in the middle of the row of course. I am definitely going to try the paper tape.

  8. A GENIUS MOVE . are you sure you have not been over my shoulder? not about the tape but about the missing beads! does the tape have a name?