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Thursday, April 14, 2011

BBQ Earring Whimsy

I always seem to slip something small, into my daily 'bead looming schedule'. This time, I think it is worth sharing!

It is "B-B-Q Competition Time"! I have been sharing photos of my Husband, Pete, smoking ribs and beef on his 'Big Green Egg' (you may have to search that one to understand). His Mentor is a true 'Competitor' and travels the different venues to try out his hand for a shot at 'placing' his rendition of the 'Best Rub' and 'Perfectly Cooked' Meat. He is also a good friend of ours. Chris and his wife both stay active during this time, traveling and bringing back the best sample of Smoked Goodies you can imagine. They are starting their season this weekend, so I decided to send off a 'Good Luck Charm'....a pair of earrings resembling their Logo!

As you can see from the various views below, I hand wove a likeness of a Pig, in the same colors as what is on their tee shirts and the Logo above. Instead of drawing the 'signture' glasses into the pattern, I thought like I usually do, "3D"!

The back view gives a better idea of the original pattern I worked up, then added each piece to create the total look.

I love adding dimension to my beading, even if it is off loom and small. Bead Art is gorgeous on it own, just seeing all those wonderful orbs in various sizes, held together in a particular design. But, thinking beyond the original thought, to add a 'dimension' can take that same idea from a pair of 'Earrings' (in this case) to 'Bead Art'. A two dimensional picture of a pig wearing glasses would have been great, but now these earrings become something more.

There have been many times, during my Blog, I've mentioned the idea of trying to look outside the flat dimension of looming and add something more to 'kick it up'. This Post is just another example of how you can teach yourself to look at patterns and ideas for that 'added extra' to bring your looming to another level. Looming is a '2D' form, but you can think about how to bring any pattern above a flat design and introduce a better rendition, of your original idea.


  1. Hello Erin,
    is a great idea ... is fantastic! Love it!!

  2. Love them! Not as much as my roosters though. :)

  3. No words, my husband just ask me to copy them for a cellphone charm!!!!

    May I?!?

  4. Awww, I remember the Roosters! It is fun to put some whimsy in our beading! I love when I see others pull it of. I am so glad you own those Roosters!

  5. Thank you Susy! I want to work on a matching necklace now, something small yet to the point too.

  6. Que veraniegos, que simpaticos...jejeje, tomando sol.....y sus gafas....que cosa màs linda.....

  7. BBQs, Beer - you know you're an Aussie in disguise! Just adore these, the depth of your talent and humour never ceases to amaze me.

  8. Love the little piggie earrings! So cute!

  9. Love these, Erin! They are so cute!