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Sunday, April 17, 2011

BBQ Pendant Whimsy

One more quick photo, of something other then a bead looming....the matching Pendant to the Earrings I posted the other day, "Butta-Bing BBQ"!

I have made similar pendants, in this style. Finding the right photo, printing, sizing, include a proper paper stock for the backing, adhere to a Glass Cabachon then bead bezel the surrounding edges. Each are sewn together, along with a bead tube, on top to create a bail.

OK, my side tracking is now over. I'll get back to my regularly scheduled "Bead Looming" and "Writing".


  1. The Pendant looks really funny.

  2. Thank you both! This really is a fun piece. As a matter of fact, it will be worn with a Tee Shirt, like the one posted with the earrings. I am going to suggest a leather strap, for this one, instead of the silver bead chain. Fun to share with everyone too!

  3. This is a riot! I love your sense of humor and how you incorporate it into your art.

  4. LOL! Gwen, I love hearing your thoughts!

  5. This is so much fun! You always manage to put a big smile on my face, Erin!

  6. You are hilarious, this is fantastic - love how she now has a matching set. Lovely gesture!