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Friday, April 29, 2011

Looming with Powder Matte Finish Beads

These beads have such a gorgeous finish that I just want to share this picture. I'll be posting more about my latest looming adventure, but for now, look at these glorious beads!

This is all part of my new idea, or new technique, so the matte powder finish was not by chance.


  1. Oh I love those beads!!! You have me curious about your new technique!

  2. Wow, look at those colours!!!! And how neat is your work!!!! I'm really curious!!!!

  3. Hopefully I'll be posting later today! I can't wait to share the finished piece either!

  4. Beautiful beads! I once bought some matte seedbeads from Salvadori and they're awesome. Sadly the firm went out of service.