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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

'Perlen Poesie' Has Beadwork Going On!

This post is well worth the link I am going to share. Perlen Poesie is a beading magazine published in Germany. They have held their first contest to include every type of bead weaving, off and on loom, as well as crochet, embroidery and other techniques. It is truly worth a visit!

I'll start you off with the 'Loomwork' submissions. After skimming through these, and voting if you feel up to it :) , be sure to visit the other weaving techniques. There is some serious eye candy to be had by all! One of my favorite off loom works is this one called "Twilight". I love the way the bead colors just spill over the edge of the embroidering! Take some time and look through all of the wonderful submissions!

You may also notice there are not as many 'Loomwork' entries as there are other bead techniques. Stick around though, I plan to change that!


  1. Dear Erin, I feel such a Honour to discover that my entry is one of the finalist too, in the category loomwork, since I started looming just after seeing your amazing work!!!!

    I admit that I had recognize immediately your cuff, and feel very happy to be "in competition" (sorry for the bad terms, but I don't find nothing else in my poor english) with you....
    I can only bid you my best wishes and good luck!!!

    Another thing, will you go in Hamburg in august?


  2. Hello Chiara, what a wonderful experience to know that you and I are showing our work together. I am delighted to know you have entered this contest. Many find it too intimidating to compete their art, but I admire you for it. It makes you more driven to create the best you can. Your purse is gorgeous. Thank you so much for pointing that out to me and everyone here. No, I won't be visiting Germany this year, but when I do I promise to get in contact with you. Good luck and please continue to share your bead art!

  3. The funny thing is that I had also forgotten that I had presented this entry!!!!

    If it wasn't for my dear friend, that is finalist in Bead Crochet category, I wouldn't have noticed!!!!

    Neither I will go to Hamburg this summer, since in July I will have a baby, so August will be a busy month, but I would be happy to keep in contact with you if you should be coming in Europe or Northern Italy....Your looming musings are one of my best blogging session!!!

    Hugs and kisses

  4. What a wonderful surprise to find you are a 'Finalist' and didn't remember, lol!
    Congratulations on having your baby! What a wonderful event! I too would love to meet you, if I ever travel to Italy. My Husband's family lives in Italy. His Mother's side is in Tuscany and Pete's Father's side is in Barre. My Daughter Olivia, is leaving on April 14 for a trip to Italy, her first! Let's stay in touch. I would also love to share more looming techniques with you! Please also remember me if you travel to the USA!