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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Adding character to a finished cuff

I made a small change to the 'Tangled Tree Light' cuff, shared in an earlier post, below. The addition of an 'electric plug' added the character I try to include, with all of my loomings. This idea, in particular, was suggested by someone who saw my original cuff, thinking the tree was a 'plug'. I ran with it, finding these brass plugs.

Try to continue your design, off the loom too. Many times I write about how a looming falls on the 'pattern idea'. One reason is due to the 'two dimensional' aspect of looming. The pattern idea, or graph, is what makes the beads jump off the warps. Adding a twist, to the already great pattern, makes a difference in your piece being cherished, for more than just a loomed art!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A Victorian Feel, Simplicitic Cuff

Title: "Layers of Sunshine" (2011)
Designer: Erin Simonetti
Techniques: 11/0 Delica Loomed Layers using the Extended Pattern Format, Kumi, Warp Threads, Antique Bronze Metal Accents, Custom Created Bronze Clasp
Beads: 15/0 Japanese Glass Beads, 11/0 Delicas, 3mm/4mm/8mm Swarovski Glass Pearls (Burgundy), Antique Bronze Metal Beads/Caps/Chains

I have completed the cuff, I was sharing below. Now you can see the finished piece knowing how I loomed each row, to allow for the large Swarovski Pearls to be incorporated into the pattern. Otherwise, I would have not been able to recreate a swirling, of the pearls, but maybe a straight line, as in the earlier Kumi Warp cuff shared below, too.

My thoughts were to allow the green color, of the Kumi Threads, to show along with the gold lined Delicas and Burgundy Swarovski Pearls. This is one reason I did not edge the cuff with a beaded design, as I usually do. I did want to create a bit of movement, so I included a few dangles of wire wrapped pearls and bronze findings.

The clasp is something you will see more in my pieces. It is custom created using filigree stampings.

Originally, I completed the cuff with many more dangles, under the center medallion, but took a second look and started to clip them with my cutters, like pruning a rose bush. I left the center three, thinking they are just enough and not too much to take away from the simplicity of the cuff's design.

I just ordered many more colors of the thick thread, so I plan on working with other colors and ideas. I also have a strange need to work a bit with strands of pearls or crystals :)

Monday, November 7, 2011

A Tangled Tree Bulb, Cuff!

Title: 'Tangled Tree Bulbs' (2011)
Designer: Erin Simonetti
Techniques: 1.8mm Glass Cubes Loomed, 3D 15/0 Japanese Glass Beads accented on top as the wires, 8mm Permanent Gold Metallic Glass Beads edging, Crystals, Doll House Light Bulbs, Antique Bronze Metal Findings.
Beads: 15/0 & 8mm Japanese Glass Beads, 1.8mm Glass Cubes

I guess I am slipping this latest cuff in to the mix of what I am presently looming. Our FB Group, 'A Bead Looming Intervention' is having a swap. There are two themes you can select to join, 'Holiday Theme' or 'General Theme'. Our photos of the completed cuff is due my 11/12 then it should be packaged and sent to the corresponding recipient by 11/19. This was such a great way to get to know each other Member better and realize what a wonderful group of talented loomers we have! I'll be sure to post the cuff I received!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Detailing the Design

I have completed looming each row, as shared in the post prior to this one. Now I am detailing the scroll of pearls, included in this graphed pattern.

Here, I am connecting a line of 15/0 glass seed beads, in a similar Ginger color, as the Swarovski Pearls.

The added pearl design gave an interesting look, of the over all looming, but now that I am detailing it, the scroll pops!

Just another way you can add some interesting design elements to your looming. I like looking for ways to add that third dimension, but sometimes it turns out to be more important to add this dimension to detail the design.