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Monday, September 30, 2013

Weaving Fall Cuffs!

Part One, of the Fall Cuff Class, I am teaching, at BEAD SOUP, is over. This Saturday, Part Two.

These classes are great because there is a fine mix, of New Weavers and those who have been taking two or more, of my classes. I also offer a selection of patterns. This adds to the learning curve. When I instruct one or the other, the Students are able to learn twice as many techniques.

These are the cuffs, the Students were able to choose. Only 15 of each were available. After class, I handed out the Syllabus outlining what is to be completed, prior to the second meeting.

It is so much fun, watching everyone pile in, for day two, with smiles, on their faces, and gorgeous cuffs waiting to be released from the loom! I'll share more pictures, after Saturday.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Loom Woven Inspiration!

I am feeling these "Hair Weaves", by "Roberto Perozzi 2007"

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

REPAIR: Replacing beads, within a loom woven row.

Below. you can see the bracelet, in the upper right corner, my loom warped, the bead cups of colors and in the center, a picture of the pattern I will weave.

Feeling comfortable, with a loom on my lap, I happily wove, row after row after row. It wasn't until I completed a good number, before I stood back to have a perspective. I. Miss. Read. The. Pattern....far enough, from either end, to warrant a fast repair! The gold beads, pointed out in the picture below, are actually supposed to have been dark green. Of course, one of my options were to pull out all the rows, prior or following the incorrect line. I decided to use this time to share how you can repair a line of beads, far within your bead loom weaving. I also use the following method, to replace cracked beads, wrong colors, broken wefts, etc. on present weavings and beading I've had in use, for years.

If using a ©Single Weft Method, (a standard set up for weaving beads, on a loom), both end warps will have a weft wrapped differently. This is because the weft is brought, back and forth, for different reasons. Shown below, is a close up of one side, showing how the weft wraps, for the return, back through the new row, of beads.

The photograph below, shows the opposite side, of the same row, when the weft advances to the next row needing to be added.

You can see a noticeable difference in the way the weft wraps, around the end warps. Depending if you are weaving right handed, or left handed, these end wefts will wrap accordingly, on their corresponding sides.

When using the ©Two Weft Method, of weaving rows of beads, both end warps will have the diagonal slant, to the weft, for advancing both wefts, in the same manner. This method suggests you thread a needle, on to both ends, of a weft, 'loading beads on one needle', then 'returning, through the same beads, with the other needle'. Thus making both end warps identical. This is the best way to create the popular "wrap bracelets", with both wefts falling identical the total length, of the bracelet.

The most efficient way to remove a row of beads, with in a large loom woven piece, is to insert a needle, into the 'slanted' weft. The slant will allow a better space, to insert a needle, grabbing "just" the weft and not the warp, as well.

Once the weft is lifted, off the end warp, with the needle, use a nail clipper to simply cut the weft, close to the needle. Be careful not to grab the end warp too.

Turn to the opposite side of the weaving, and slip your needle inside the 'wrapped' weft, with a gentle pull. This loosens, the weft, and can be completely pulled free, of the weaving. The beads should fall, from that row.

Step up or down, pulling the end weft, to release an additional row. You goal is to create a long enough weft, so it can be comfortably threaded into a needle, for reweaving back, into the beading. Be sure to make note, of the pattern lines, you are removing, so you can pick up the pattern and replace the bead color order correctly.

My favorite size needle to weave, is a #10 English needle, appx. 2 inches long. When you need to reweave short lengths of weft, back through the rows, you should thread a small needle. I have one inch, #10 needles on hand, for this purpose.

Once the short wefts are rewoven, you will add a new longer length of weft, to replace the rows you just removed.

Now I will continue with my pattern, and share more later!

Monday, September 2, 2013

Starting my "Drackie Lips" Cuff!

I haven't shared may 'works in progress', on my Blog, so I thought I would offer some stage shots, of my next cuff. I have created some new Halloween Patterns, for the loom. BEAD SOUP is so kind to sell them, but only a few are listed, on their website, right now. You may also see the patterns I offer, for sale, on my FaceBook Page. If you want, contact the store, for details, to purchase.

So, other then the new patterns offered, for sale, I decided to work one of them up, myself. I call this cuff, "Drackie Lips". Yes, this is a small clip, of what I am planning to create (Bwaaaaaa), but I want to share, in stages. There are some new loom tricks I'll be attempting, on this cuff, and want to share as I go!

I would also like to take this time to offer something being shared on FB,
"We Support Designers".

This logo will be added to my Blog and Website.
Consider joining in and posting it where you advertise.

This actually comes on the heels, of a most recent note. I was asked permission, by a Beader, to charge, for a class, at a bead store, in another state, using my tips and offerings, from my Blog. My first thought was to support sharing my 'love of the loom', but it quickly turned to a negative reply. What I offer, here on my Blog, is free and with the best, of intensions. The reaction I received, after saying I won't give such permission, was even more astounding. The return note included, "... This one time I saw your blog and was so inspired and eager to share what I saw that I asked your permission.... I won't ever ask another beader ever again, I promise." Again, wrong! It is important to ask permission, or I can only feel they wouldn't ask, but still proceed charging, for classes, with knowledge you received free, from those who created the methods (?)

The only other blatant attempt, to teach methods I hold dear, was from a Beader who signed up, for one of my classes, but also "pre-advertised", about a class she will be teaching, to include my methods of "weaving on a loom", at another local bead store. My thoughts are, this Beader told the store she was versed, in this form of beading, thinking the store had no idea, of her credentials. Please, shop owners, realize there are many Designers who would be best suited to teach what they created and learned on their own.

I believe every bead Store, Beader and Designer should embrace this logo and adhere to the ideals behind it!