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Friday, January 6, 2012

BEAD Magazine and Bead Looming

I am very proud to announce my bead looming will be included in the Feb/Mar 2012, Issue #36 of 'BEAD Magazine', published out of England. Notice that one of my cuffs made the cover!

This Issue is has an Asian Theme and chock full of projects from paper beads to bead looming! I am so excited to see bead looming get a bit more exposure than it seems to get. I also love working along with the Editor and people of BEAD.

Be sure to consider buying a copy of this Issue, or future Issues. I am sharing patterns for the first time, in a public venue. Other issues will also include some bead looming patterns and techniques, I do not share anywhere else.

My bead looming will be exclusive to this Magazine. So if you feel you want to learn more, than consider BEAD! We are also discussing some other fun projects, you may have seen on my Blog or Website!
NOTE: Since this post about BEAD, I have been asked of its availability. Here is some info I know:

We have a US office too if you have any inquiries - Ashdown.Inc or

I get the i-mag subscription. I have gotten it for 3 years now and love it! It would be nice to have the printed, but I read through it online and then I print off what I want to make. I highly recommend this Bead mag. I think you can get printed to the US, but not sure.

BEAD WRITES: You can - it should be available in some larger Barnes and Noble, some bead stores, but you can also subscribe to it and get it delivered, but it will arrive quite a bit later than it does for UK subscribers.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Gerber Daisy Between the Lines

This cuff is complete. The name "Gerber Daisy Between the Lines" refers to the Tex 400 cords, (lines of color), I included.

When I last posted, I was starting to consider the fringe idea. Here is a picture of how I attached the fringe.

Keeping each strand wide apart from another, allowed the Tex 400 Warp Cords to show through.

The glass leaves are green greasy and include a gun metal bead. I made the clasp, with a butterfly accent.

With so much else going on, in this cuff, I only used the decorative clasp on one side, as opposed to adding two.

These green spiral beads are custom made lampwork. All of the findings are gunmetal.