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Monday, July 11, 2016

"Free Form Weaving Across the Warps"

UPDATE: Thank you all so much for a great class. This same class, "Free Form Cuff" will be taught in Texas at Spring Beads, Spring Texas, November 11, 2016. 
Contact the store for availability: (281) 288-9116

his Saturday, I'll be teaching a class at Bead Soup, in Savage Maryland, July 16th
Each student will be able to select their personal style by way of colors and bead styles. 

On Friday, July 15th, I'll be visiting the store, watching those who stop in to buy the beads,
for next day's class. There are many options and styles, as some beads 'interlock' perfectly. 

I'll be sure to share pictures of all the unique colors ways that develop!

Friday, July 8, 2016

"Raking Leaves Along the Warps"

    "Raking Leaves along the Warps"

    Saturday, September 17th & 24th, at Burke Gems & Beads, in Burke VA.

    This is a Two Day, in depth Bead Loom Weaving Class. The Class Cuff Design is the Blue Cuff, with fall leaves. There are two different edgings, so you learn more than just one!

    The other cuff, or "Walking Among the Trees", is an exclusive pattern, only being offered during this class.
    The class includes information about everything there is to know about Weaving Beads on a Bead Loom, i.e., W, Warping, Threads, Needles, Reading Patterns, Tension Control, Edging, Creating Edge Idea, ©Warp Management Method, etc.

    Be sure to contract Burke Gems and Beads, to discuss a reservation: