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Thursday, October 31, 2013

A Trimmed Tree Cuff!

I really enjoyed decorating this Christmas Tree Cuff! It all started with an idea to make a tree, extending over the edges of the loom woven cuff. What I ended up doing, was adding layer, after layer, of tree branches!

Then I added the Christmas Baubles, using 6/0, 8/0 and 11/0 silver lined glass beads.

Next came the 12mm Crystal Topaz Swarovski Chrystal Star and some strung popcorn. The popcorn is 11/0, 15/0, 13/0 charlottes and 22/0 glass beads, in colors of off white and brown.

Candy Canes were a must, so these were made out of poly clay.

The tree stands out, within the silver metallic background, but the edgings of crystals, top and bottom, really add some sparkle. The Star is a Swarovski Crystal too!

The width of this cuff, demanded a double clasp, which I find to be perfect.

Every tree has to have presents underneath, so I decided on this custom made ceramic beads. Adding to the look of a cuff, I strung them with sterling silver findings.

Finally, the cuff actually gives off a pine scent! I secured a webbing of organza, as a pocket in the back. I have pine scent sticks to slip inside and really get the feel of a fresh cut Christmas Tree!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Trimmed the Cuff, of a Tree Cuff!

Now, I am truly ready to "trim" the tree, itself!

The edges, of the cuff, are now lined with crystals. The top line are 'black diamonds', which offer a nice color, against the Silver metallic background. I considered 'crystal' crystals, but they played to light, to me.

Light Siam Red, edge the lower portion. Notice how they even shine through the base off the tree. I had to wear sunglasses, while weaving, lol. Below the large crystals is a 'swag' of silver lined 11/0 seed beads.

Next, come the balls, or baubles. Does the same size ball hang all over the tree? Or, do larger balls get placed in the lower portion, with smaller sized balls, at the time. My Husband and I have talked about this, every time we trimmed a tree together. What are you thoughts?

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Trimming a Loom Woven Tree Cuff!

Getting into the season, early, seems to be second nature. I'll be teaching another class, on December 7th, 2013, at Bead Soup. The cuff class is called, "He's Checking It Twice", a variation of a cuff I made recently. I'll share this cuff soon.

While working out some of the design ideas, for the December class cuff, I came across another pattern, I made almost three years ago. I'll be trimming this cuff, with tree like baubles! I am having some fun here! My mind is racing, with trimming ideas, but there is one I can't wait to share....later :D In the meantime, take a second look, at your Holiday bead patterns. Maybe there are ways to kick it up and create, on a fun level, never considered before.

For now, I am finalizing the class cuff, and will send out further information, on the class, soon.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

A trial on creating a RAW edge

On September 11, my Blog post included my method of 'correcting a row of beads', while still on the loom. I have also stretched my limits, by completing a decorative bead edge, using the RAW (Right Angle Weave) stitch, with small pearls. I can only imagine how such a stitch could develop, with out the loom holding the base!

The double clasps, allowed me to meet the width I designed. I also used some Gilder's Paste to add a matching color, over top, of the silver metal. Being woven, with 11/0 Japanese Seed Beads, also added to the 'feel', of this design. Sadly, this photo does not offer the 'glint', of 'one cut' metallic silver beads, or the 'silver lined rainbow' beads. In person, they define the matt finish design superbly.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Looms and Bead Pattern Programs?

It's that time, of year again.
I think November should continue as "Bead Loom Month"!
Begin your journey, into weaving beads on a loom. Winter is the perfect time.
Classes, beginner and advanced, will also be scheduled, in the months following.