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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Two Day Beginner Bead Loom Class, in Media PA!

I am very very excited to share the news that my looms, and I, are traveling again! 

This time to "Blue Santa Beads", in PA.

I'll be teaching a "Two Day Beginner Bead Loom Class" on July 15th and 16th, 2017
The class project is still underway, so I will share later. Howerver, this will be a quaint class of 15 Students.
Call them 610-892-240 or email as soon as possible! My two classes tend to sell out quickly, as they have already in my confirmed classes up until March 2017. 

This intimate size class will allow more 'one on one'. 
I adore these 'Bead Loom Festivals" also known as "Classes"! :D   

Thursday, October 27, 2016

"Friends to the Bitter End" Bead Loom Class, in Spring Texas!

I am finalizing kits, for my upcoming classes and find I failed to share this cuff, in the last posts/announcements.

"Friends to the Bitter End"
is another, of the many offerings, to my class at Spring Beads, in Spring Texas,
Nov 12 & 13, 2016.

Four options for one, two day class, is new to me and I can't wait to get it underway! 
Contact them via the web, or call (281) 288-9116 
if you would like to discuss reservations. 
I am not sure of the class size, right this minute, 
but I do know they have a lovely, large, well stocked, bead store/studio. 
I can't wait to meet them!

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Holly Berries on the Bead Loom...this Christmas!

On December 3rd, 2016, Bead Soup, in Savage Maryland, will be hosting another of my 'Christmas Themed Classes'. 

This is an advanced bead loom class, weaving this cuff titled, "Holly Cow, That's a lot of Berries!". Advanced means the class will not include my techniques of warping the loom, threads, needles, etc....everything I offer during my Beginner Classes.

Seats are now down to only 3 available, so contact the store,
240-456-4568, if you would like to discuss a reservation.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Bead Loom Weaving in Texas!!

I will be at Spring Beads, in Spring Texas, 

November 11th thru the 13th, 2016. 

There are two classes scheduled. The first day, November 11th, we will be weaving
Free Form Style, on the bead loom. 
The Free From style is so popular, but there are ways to weave the mix of bead sizes, that do not allow the cuff to buckle and twist!


The two days following. November 12th & 13th, two bead looms will be buzzing, along with so many new techniques. Together, we will be weaving the 
"Yellow Rose of Texas Cuff"!
This class will offer 'off the edge' weaving, edging, reading bead loom pattern word charts, two forms of warp management, and so much more! 

If you are interested, please contact the Store:Spring Beads 281-288-9116

Monday, July 11, 2016

"Free Form Weaving Across the Warps"

UPDATE: Thank you all so much for a great class. This same class, "Free Form Cuff" will be taught in Texas at Spring Beads, Spring Texas, November 11, 2016. 
Contact the store for availability: (281) 288-9116

his Saturday, I'll be teaching a class at Bead Soup, in Savage Maryland, July 16th
Each student will be able to select their personal style by way of colors and bead styles. 

On Friday, July 15th, I'll be visiting the store, watching those who stop in to buy the beads,
for next day's class. There are many options and styles, as some beads 'interlock' perfectly. 

I'll be sure to share pictures of all the unique colors ways that develop!

Friday, July 8, 2016

"Raking Leaves Along the Warps"

    "Raking Leaves along the Warps"

    Saturday, September 17th & 24th, at Burke Gems & Beads, in Burke VA.

    This is a Two Day, in depth Bead Loom Weaving Class. The Class Cuff Design is the Blue Cuff, with fall leaves. There are two different edgings, so you learn more than just one!

    The other cuff, or "Walking Among the Trees", is an exclusive pattern, only being offered during this class.
    The class includes information about everything there is to know about Weaving Beads on a Bead Loom, i.e., W, Warping, Threads, Needles, Reading Patterns, Tension Control, Edging, Creating Edge Idea, ©Warp Management Method, etc.

    Be sure to contract Burke Gems and Beads, to discuss a reservation: 

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Free Form Style, Weaving on the Loom Class

SATURDAY, JULY 16TH, 2016atBEAD SOUP, in Savage Maryland

We will be putting together unique colorways, bead styles and tons of dimension, along the warps. 
There are so many possibilities that it is best when you have a store, like Bead Soup, surrounding you, for when those great ideas hit! You simply walk to a wall, and select the next best bead color or option. This is what the next class at Bead Soup, is all about. Digging down deep, for your personal creativity. 

I have some good tips on what to select and how to weave so each bead interlocks with out sagging wefts. I also have included bead caps, to some of my cuffs, which give that extra boost of design.

This one day class also includes my instruction on how to attach a Box Clasp, to any cuff. 

Call the store to discuss a reservation: 240-456-4568

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Beginner Bead Loom Class, in Savage Maryland

    I am visiting Bead Soup, in Savage Maryland again, for a two part 'Beginner Bead Loom Class', June 4th and June 11th. These are the two colors options, I'll be teaching. This class will offer so much, including a unique design concept and various edging methods. This cuff design is narrow and the edging makes it wider. Therefore, you have options on creating a width to suit you. I love "Floral Miniatures" so it was a given, to create a design around that theme. Call the store, 240-456-4568, to discuss availability.

Stay tuned for some news of my other teaching engagements!

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

It is official.....The Part Two Class, of the Beginner Bead Loom Class, at Bead Soup, this Saturday, is CANCELED, rescheduled for 

SATURDAY FEBRUARY 13, 2016 at 11:00-3:00

The State of Maryland is delaring a "State of Emergency", for Friday and Saturday, through parts of Sunday. Even though I feel sad to know I won't be seeing everyone right away, and finishing off the cuffs, I am finding comfort in knowing everyone will be safe. My thoughts of canceled flights, inpassable roads, stranded cars and other unthinkable snow situations, keep me feeling positive that we will meet safe and sound, on February 13th.

Any Student, who has any question, about the instruction they were given last Saturday, please feel free to email me at This may give you some time to push your creative bead loom boundries but know, I am always here for you! 

Monday, January 18, 2016

Beginner Bead Loom Class, Jan 16 & 23, 2016

There was a full house, on Saturday, for Part One of my Beginner Bead Loom Class. This class is such a huge success, with many traveling from out of state, to be involved. 
No one leaves without realizing they will never have a 'naked bead loom again'!

Bead Looms will be at Bead Soup, in Savage Maryland again, on June 4th and 11th, 2016, for another Beginner Bead Loom Class. These classes offer the most information about the bead loom and also allows the students to take any one day class offered, later.

The one day classes include more 'kicked' up techniques.
I'm planning one day classes out to post later. 
But, for now I have worked out further one day classes in April, at Bead Soup.
Beginner and one day classes for May in West Palm Beach and 
another one day in July at Bead Soup. 
I'll post details on my FaceBook Page or here on my Blog, as a few others are in lew. 

Thank you to everyone who took the time and effort to make this trip. 
Thank you to Bead Soup for allowing such a way to share this form of bead weaving! 

The class starts at 11:00, but we sometimes do not get our first row assembled, on the warps, 
until 12:30. No one had any idea of all the information a loom has to offer

There are 24 Delica Bead colors, in this class project. 
Shifting through doubts, everyone found their personal 'zone' to accomplish this feat.
Now, some are ready to kick up the bead color count!!

It was nice seeing Lisa Robbins, hanging out, in the class.
She began, on her loom, with me, when I first taught, at Bead Soup. 
I now bead with her more, when we sign up for the same Designer classes,
also held at Bead Soup.