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Monday, June 25, 2012

Working with Cupchain as warps!

Anything similar to a string, thread, cord, etc, I know can be utilized in weaving on a loom, as a warp. In this case, I worked with 'Cupchain'.

Below is a picture of the cupchain I incorporated.
This is a Vintage piece, brass metal with an opal stone center. Cupchain comes in many different stones, glass, shapes and metals.

I started out knowing the cupchain was to be a part of this cuff, but I also wanted to include more movement. Therefore, I decided on other bead pairings to create more interest. This included various sized Glass Seed Beads, in an opalescent finish, the Satin line of Delicas and Swarovski Crystals in different shapes and sizes, but matching the cupchain stone.

I noticed a romantic feel, when completed. The idea to add the stain cords was just a 'must have'. In a corset style, I added the smaller brass ©Crunchie Clasps so there would be enough width to cover over the wide white/gold warp cord and offer the multiple jump rings, for lacing.

Each tip, of the Satin Cords, are capped with pearls, crystals and vermilion gold findings. These also give movement and weight to the satin cords.

Laid out flat, you can see the weaving, coming together as one.