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Monday, February 17, 2014

"A Mystery Bead Loom Weaving Class"

It was an awesome event!
I can't begin to explain the lessons learned and the friends we made.
But, I will try to do so, with each picture I share here, in the caption.

Since all patterns were gifted, to each student, as their personal OOAK cuff, they were able to make the decision whether or not to allow their pattern to be sold, should another student want it. All but two were up for sale, and many many many went out the door, along with the necessary bead colors, for this

Each Student was handed a "Bead Legend" and a "Word Chart"...not knowing what they will be weaving, only seeing the colors. It seemed there were faster weavers this day, then in any other class I taught. Everyone wanted to see the picture come to life.

Below, is the other side of the room, knowing they are a bit behind the rest...but determined to hang those beads on the warps!

Emily asked me, first thing in the morning, "Erin. Would you mind helping me create a golf themed cuff pattern." Of course, as I always kid, "No way!" As she gathered more rows on the warps...she laughed out loud...."It is GOLF!!"

This is how far Emily completed, half way through class.
Also shown, the original pattern created, for her.

Mary was very anxious to see what her pattern became.
She wove faster than I have ever warp speed!

Maureen's frog will also receive a beaded 3D flower,
to sit ontop of the stems/leaves this frog is holding.

Another of my favorite patterns....this is a BEE theme.
Bees have been included in Jewelry designs, for centuries.
I thought this the best offering to Avie, as her skills and design concepts mimic a bee gathering glorious pieces, from a garden,
then recreating something special....honey.
For Avie, she gathers beads and recreates gorgeous wearable bead art.

Betty's theme is her passion...sewing and smocking.

Deb collects Teddy Bears.
She has such an extensive collection that it will passed on for exhibits one day.

Eunice adores neon colors.
We had fun waiting, for her to see this Koi Fish Pattern come to life.
_____________________________________________ actually weaving a Mickey cuff!

Beth loves to travel to shores where lighthouses abound.
She too was unsure, of this pattern, for many rows.

Nancy is a fine needle artist.
This "Asian Floral Motif" is perfect, hoping she'll add more embroidered accents.

Lisa was challenged, not only with the pattern subject, but also with the technique.
Her "Munchkin", a Pomeranian, will be completed,
with sparkles surrounding the portrait.

Susan has one of the best blogs...Plays With Needles. Be sure to stop in and see what wonderful things Susan creates and shares. This cuff is a rendition, of her Blog Header.

Poor Anna...had no idea and was last checking in, with the theme.
Yarn and Knitting Needles were part of how Anna first met everyone at Bead Soup.

Linda was feeling left out, with only 4 bead colors.
But when you see the final piece, as in the pattern sample above,
it shares what drove me to create in four colors.

The following are the final patterns, offered in class.
Some students were unable to make the class, due to a snow storm or illness and another was working to swap out colors. I hope these pattern find them all well!

This class offered more lessons, than I have ever been able to share in past classes. The Students experienced the thrill, of watching a pattern come to life, from the perspective, of a Designer, setting out on their first trial. They calculated the beads needed and we discussed many options for edging and accents. We are now discussing a class offering a 'hands on tutorial', of how I create patterns, for the loom. There is no date set, but I think it is already sold out!

One final thought. I feel I have given each one a canvas to work so they may add their personal creativity. I am also suggesting they name their final piece, which is not something many students need to do. I am looking forward to see all the final cuffs!

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Bead Loom Woven Winter!

My goodness, I have been creating patterns and weaving beads, on the loom, with Winter in mind, for the past few months. So much so, I think it is time to share two, I haven't shared here yet.

"SNOWMAN PORN", is the name of this cuff. Created in soft pastel colors, yet offers a 'sassy' snowman, in a fun pose. The edging is intricately completed, with Swarovski Crystals and glass seed bead. The simple scarf, folding around the edging, in areas, is a simple design, not to compete withe the edge.

A Snowy scene, with a cozy cabin. This cuff is a two part piece. The upper section, a wider woven portion, is completed with very light blue Delica Snow. The color choice was selected as the snow is reflecting the dark midnight sky. Snowflakes are falling, in three different shades of Silver lined Delicas, and group closer together as the perspective moves back, in the valley of the snow hill.

A closer look, at the lower section, of this same cuff, is a Snowman Village. Each Snowman is a star dust finished bead, in 3mm and 4mm sizes. These are so small, the scarves and hat brim are only 3mm round, with the hat being topped off using an 11/0 Glass bead. Each pine tree is stackedk, with Margarita Crystals and placed on different levels, of the snow. The silver edging, top and bottom of the lower portion, was created to 'lift' off the loom plain. Doing so, created a deep channel style band, where the snowmen and pine trees sit up level, with the thick silver edge. The lower portion, could actually be a cuff, on it's own.

I've really enjoyed my snowy days and winter cold, so much so that I was able to recreate the same, on the warps. Each, of these cuffs, will also be added to my Website, showing completed pictures and the custom clasps included. Also, I have some further pictures, of my cuffs, as I complete them, on my Facebook Page.

I am getting my next set, of pattern ideas lined up, for the April Class, at Bead Soup. This will be a Spring Theme and my head is already spinning with ideas!