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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

November should be a Loominosity Month!

The Event, planned at 'Bead Soup' in Savage Mills Maryland, was a fanstastic, exciting night! There were over 43 attendees! Not only were all the looms, included in this picture demonstrated, but also the various methods of weaving on a loom, i.e., traditional/using a shedding device/minimal warp methods/pull & pray/etc.

I began the session with a demo of actaully weaving some large wooden beads, on a large traditional loom, using yarn as the warps and weft. This allowed me to share some tricks I do when beginning or designing my new beading, on a loom. This offered me the chance to share what color threads are best, where to begin your first row of beading, how much do you complete on the loom and how much off the loom, two ways of using wefts (one or two), and many other great new ideas. Everyone seems so involved, so it was a great point in the evening.

Capping it off, I opened my laptop, connected to the large flat screen behind me. Using a free Photo Management Program, Beadtool 4 and Beadcreator Pro 6, I created two dimensional bead patterns, perfect for the loom, sharing tips along the way. I think there was a rash of program sales, after this portion of the night was finished!! It was very well received.

Before everyone left, I did through in an impromptu drawing, giving away two bead looms. The names in the hat were "every one who attended that evening".

Still being in a fog, over instructing my favorite art, in such a great venue , I was blind sided by some other wonderful news....for weaving on a loom! My Christmas cuff, 'Tangled Tree Lights', or as it is titled in this BEAD UK Magazine, 'Yule Tangled Up', is gracing the cover of Issue 43. This hits the newstands Dec/Jan, but may also be available sooner on IMag.

BEAD UK has continually supported the art of 'weaving on a loom'. I want to thank them for recognizing this form of beading! My hopes are my book will pump this up even more!

Monday, November 5, 2012

--"What Loom is best, for a first experience?"
--"How well do Bead Pattern Programs work?"

These two questions are the most often asked, via emails I receive. They are both very good questions. I feel they should be answered honestly, so the decisions a Beader makes, will create a happier "Bead Loomer"! Included in my replies, to these, are asking them, "What is your preferred sitting position, if weaving on a loom?", "What do you think you'll be weaving on a loom, cuffs/portraits/hat bands/amulets, etc?" and "What type of patterns do you think you would be beading more, graphics or portraits?"

On Friday, November 16 2012, I will be conducting a FREE open discussion, surrounding both of these topics. This Event will be held
at "Bead Soup", bead store, in Historic Savage Mill Maryland.

Details and contact numbers are included in Bead Soup's latest

I'll be bringing along looms, from my personal array, which include most of the looms for sale in the market today. They include, Mirrix, Larry the Loom, Rick's Loom, Versa Loom, No-Warps or Paper-Clip styles, looms from BeadLooms dot com, home made looms, a Jala loom, the craft wire loom, etc. Each will be demonstrated to offer their pros and cons, to the point where each attendee can make their own decision as to which would be best for them.

After sorting out the looms and their characteristics, I will share two Bead Pattern Programs, BeadTool 4 and BeadCreator Pro 6, demonstrating how any picture or photo can be transformed into the perfect bead pattern for the loom. There are many tricks to completing patterns, so having hands on instruction, from my laptop, may help direct everyone to which is best for their bead studio.

(The photo below shows bead color differences between
the program's choice and the actual bead color selection.)

The ground work we lay, on November 16 starting at 6:30 pm, may help gear everyone up to consider attending classes, in 'weaving on a loom'. Such classes could be scheduled and conducted right at "Bead Soup" in Savage Mill Maryland. This is an exciting event for me. I think it an outlet way past time. I hope to make new comers, to loom bead weaving, comfortable and offer assistance to present 'dusty loom' owners.

Please call the store, 240-456-4568, if you have any questions
or would like to make a reservation!